Choose God

By Wendy Anne Clark
© 2012

Choose God over all else.

Choose God over sleep.

Choose God over TV.

Choose God over playing video games, watching movies, and listening to music.

Choose God over Facebook, Twitter, texting, and E-mail.

Choose God over a good book.

Choose God over sewing and quilting; making memory albums and jewelry; gardening, photography, and shopping.

Choose God over fishing, working on cars, carpentry, and sports.

Choose God over writing, singing, drawing and painting, sculpting, and playing an instrument.

Choose God over riding your bike, rock climbing, jogging, hiking, boating, and all forms of exercise.

Choose God over hanging out with friends.

Choose God over work.

Choose God over any activity that uses the time God has given you.

Choose God first, and then keep choosing God.

Choose to have God move in and through every activity that you choose after you choose God.

Remember that . . .

No one can choose God for you.

You can never make up for all of the times you didn’t choose God yesterday and the day before that.

It’s never too late to decide to choose God from here on and over and over again, into the future.

Choosing God has a cumulative effect.

Choosing God will change you for the better—Always!

So . . .

Don’t let life just happen to you, and

Don’t let time just slip on by.

Choose to choose,

And when you do,

Choose God.

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