About Wendy Anne Clark

I have been following Jesus since I was a young child, and for as long as I can remember, I have desired to grow in understanding and obedience to the Word of God, and I have sensed the presence of God in my life, and the Holy Spirit teaching and leading me through the Bible. Everything I know and understand about following Jesus is both intensely personal while at the same time  deeply rooted in the authority of Scripture.

Experiences that have shaped me:

Being raised by Christian parents

Having one set of Christian grandparents and another set of worldly grandparents

Attending a strong, Bible-teaching church

Learning to memorize, read, study, and meditate on Scripture in my elementary school  years

Attending both a Christian private school as well as public schools

Learning to share my faith boldly while still in my teens

Marrying a ministry-minded, Godly man at 21 and staying married for more than 3 decades

Teaching English to college students for over 20 years

Moving from Southern California to Northern California and serving in the Church alongside my husband and eventually with my children

Having our first 2 children while in community with other Bible-believing parents of  young children, seeking Biblical wisdom together

Being diagnosed with Stage 4 Lymphoma at 32, while having two small children

Choosing to home school our children and being actively involved in a home schooling group for about 15 years

Having a daughter after chemo at age 40

Spending a lifetime serving in the Church leading various ministries including women’s ministry, first impressions, children’s choirs, adult musicals as well as teaching Bible studies and leading worship

Moving with my family to launch a ministry in Hailey, Idaho in 2014 and leaving behind jobs that we enjoyed, a Church family that we loved, and many wonderful friends simply because we felt God telling us to go

Spiritual Gifts, Skills, and Abilities

My Spiritual gifts are teaching, wisdom, discernment, and administration.

My skills and abilities are teaching, public speaking, writing, singing, playing the piano, counseling, studying, organizing, analyzing, critical thinking, and problem solving.

facebook: Wendy Plant Clark
Mailing address: Wendy Clark, 620 N. Main Street, Hailey, ID 83333

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