Testimonies about Wendy Anne Clark’s Speaking

What people are saying about Wendy Clark’s speaking . . .

About her talk “Practical Ideas for Making a Marriage that Matters”

“Full of useful content that I’m going to implement immediately.  Great job, Wendy! I need this one again next year as a reminder.  Super job!”

“Wendy is always clear and concise.  Her material is always so helpful.”

“Awesome presentation with ideas I will use with God’s help to improve my marriage.”

“Excellent presentation– I appreciated your preparation and enthusiasm, based on the reality of God’s word.  Thanks.”

“Wendy is a very good presenter and gave really practical and applicable ideas.”

“Wendy is extremely dynamic, funny, and has great information.  I loved her talk, and her notes were well prepared—an excellent speaker!”

“The handouts were excellent.  So was the content and presentation.  I would definitely recommend this to friends.”

“Excellent speaker—well organized.  The outline was easy to follow, and she stuck to her outline.  The content was very practical and was something that every married woman could benefit from.”

“Excellent seminar—it really opened my eyes and heart to some areas that I have closed the door to.  I wish it had been even longer.”


“Very helpful.”

“Funny, enjoyable, and informative.”

About her talk “Having a Single Focus in a Double-Minded World” . . .

“Applicable teaching that can be added to our daily life.”

“Excellent presentation.  Great handout.  Good illustrations and application.”

“This is the second year I’ve attended Wendy’s workshops—what can I say but they were great!  I came away with so much.”

“This was way better than the title suggested!  Wendy was fantastic!  I’d love to hear her speak again!”

“Wendy is great year after year—what a gift from God!”

“Wendy gave lots of Scripture to back up everything she said.  She used just the right amount of humor and stories to make it extremely interesting.”

“Wendy is a great communicator, and I can see the joy of the Lord in her.  Thank you.”

“Wendy did a fantastic job.  I loved how she shared personal stories as well as all the Scripture references.  Thanks!”

“Animated.  Knowledgeable.  Fun.  Great content.”

“Great job as usual.  Thank you for always preparing so thoroughly and representing Christ in such a grand way.  The women loved both of your talks and you are such a huge part of our retreat . . .”

About her talk “Total Transformation” . . .

“Very well presented.”

“Personable, joyous presentation.  Great handout!  Great content!”

“The speaker presented the material very well and was able to utilize herself as testimony to the subject.”

“I look forward to hearing Wendy every year.  She is wonderful!”

“A wonderful speaker who kept my interest.”

“Wendy is a great speaker, and her handout/booklet was very helpful.”

“I really enjoyed the personal anecdotes.  They help to make the Scriptures relevant to today.”

“Wendy really kept my interest with her relevant stories and workbook.  This was a great workshop, and she’s one of my favorite presenters—always solid, Biblical, and thoughtful.”

“Excellent speaker!  Quite informative and very interesting.  Wonderful tools taught to apply to everyday living.  Thanks!!”

“Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you!  Your message was such a blessing!”

“Excellent presenter.  I got so many great tips to continue my daily prayer with the Lord Jesus.  Thank you!”

About her talk “Life is Hard–Hope is Real” . . .

“Good expression of experiences.  Good ideas for dealing with hard times.  Great use of Scripture.”

“Excellent take-away outline.  Good Scripture references.  Nice balance of humor and information.”

“Wendy is awesome.  She packs so much info with Scripture and it’s amazing and eye opening.  Thank you.”

“Clear, concise, cogent—used Scripture and shared from her life experiences.  Very uplifting and hopeful—Christ focused.  Wonderful session.  Great speaker.  What a blessing.”

“Excellent seminar—right on target, uplifting—excellent speaker.”

“Excellent, practical, and real.”

“Loved it.  I appreciated the openness and genuineness of the speaker.”

“I really like Wendy—relevant verses, good stories, and good analogies.”

“It was well prepared.  I loved the booklets to follow along with all the Scripture.  It was relevant, interesting, real, and encouraging,  It was timed perfectly so we got through all of the material.”

“Awesome!  I remember Wendy from last year and have looked forward to hearing her again.”

“Wendy, you are awesome.  God has gifted you to teach us his truths each year.  You are a blessing, and I love the Scripture verses.  You always make sure we are learning God’s truth.  You have so many strengths, that I do not have enough paper to list them.  Praise God for giving you new fresh ideas to share with us each year!”

About her talk “A Time of New Beginnings”  .  . .

“I loved her seminar–always clear and motivating.  I always go away with new goals.  Thank you.”

“Good speaker, great handout, good examples.”

“Everything was wonderful–thank you!”

“So much good information that I wished we had more time.”

“Wendy spoke to my heart right where I needed it.”

“Great speaker with superior handouts.  Very applicable.”

“Wendy is an exceptional speaker.  I enjoyed her very much.  Very easy to follow with a lot of great content.”

“I thought the speaker was amazing, and she inspired me to really focus on putting God first!”

“She did such a wonderful job that it was the only seminar I went to because I had a lot to process after her lesson.  I am encouraged and motivated to start my own new beginning.”

“An hour and 15 minutes should seem like a long time, but I could have sat there twice as long–very powerful information.”

“Wendy was very well prepared and full of practical information.  I enjoyed the time very much.”

“I felt that the content flowed beautifully and that I had just been handed a banquet full of ideas.”

“I love that she shared personal experiences that truly related and made it all sink in more.”

“What a great speaker, super orator, and fantastic content/message!”

“Wendy presented a fresh perspective on our walk with God.”

“Wendy is always a great speaker.  I look forward to going to retreat every year, and Wendy’s seminar is one of the reasons why.  Thank you.”

About her talk “Maximizing Your Influence” . . .“What a speaker! Excellent handout and content, stuck to the topic.  I could listen to Wendy over and over.”

“Fantastic message and great examples.”

“Good info!  She’s a keeper.”

“God has been putting this on my heart more–to reach out to others.  I really enjoyed this talk and was greatly encouraged.”

“The speaker kept the audience’s attention.  The session was eye opening and very good.”

“I am challenged by the message and thankful for the opportunity to hear Wendy.”


“No improvements needed. The personality of the speaker was superb!”

“Bring her back!!!!!”

“Great illustrations, examples.  Scripture-based content.  Good ideas of things to start with.”

“Excellent all-around presentation.  Entertaining, good handout, very knowledgable of subject matter, great ideas.”

“I found the content very useful and enjoyed the humor.”

“It helped me to realize that we really do influence people all the time–good and bad–and encouraged me to pray for opportunities.”

“Great public speaker; easy to follow; great handout; very professional; great tools to use and apply.”

“Great speaker!  Great handout!  Very practical ways to influence those around you.  What a great way to end my morning!”

“A very likable, clear public speaker.  Good, motivating examples.”

“Great content and reliance on Biblical passages.  Provided me with many ideas for reaching out in my community.”

“This seminar gave me a lot of ideas on cultivating relationships and for expanding my sphere of influence for Christ.”

“Excellent presentation.  Good pace.  The handout was a practical “take away.”  Very good ideas for practical application.”

“Please have Wendy back as a speaker again for next year’s semnar.  Thank you.”

“This is my second year at retreat, and this is one of the best seminars I’ve attended.  Excellent!”