A Sad Warning

© Wendy Anne Clark, 2021


I am so broken hearted over the scandal surrounding Ravi Zacharias.  I can only imagine the great pain of his wife, his children, his close friends and those who served in ministry with him.  I believe them when they say that they are completely shocked–that this was a life that Ravi hid from them.  How damaging that is!  

We are in a spiritual battle, though the war itself will be ours in the end, we are called to fight, and our weapons are not the weapons of this world. We are to worship, pray, know the Word, live by the Word, and live as set apart for God’s purposes. We are to be in open and honest relationships with other Believers.  Ravi, one who stood up as a soldier in the fight, gaining territory and influence for the Kingdom over the years, has now lost a huge battle and surrendered some significant real-estate to the enemy forces.  This loss will be felt well into the future.

The ministry organization and training center that Ravi established will have to distance themselves from him and completely regroup.  Already speaking engagements of those who worked closely with Ravi have been canceled.  Many working in Ravi’s ministry have quit their jobs.  It has been reported that Ravi’s daughter has been running the ministry since her father stepped down.  What an incredible and painful mess to leave behind for her!

I greatly appreciate the courage it took for the ministry to go looking for the truth and then to publish what was found even though it was horrible and heart breaking for so many. One who worked with Ravi has spoken about how grieved he is that Ravi did not confess, repent, and deal with all of this sin while he was alive.  Why was he not driven to do so as he faced death? It would have been painful and damaging, but not nearly as painful nor as damaging as hiding his sin to be found after his death.  

The level of Ravi’s deception and of the inability of those who knew him best to see it, raises so many questions that we will not be able to answer.  Jesus will separate the sheep from the goats at the end of the age, and He alone knows who belongs to Him.  Many more will fall, and each time we will be caused to wonder, but the fall of those who appear rooted, grounded, and spiritually healthy should drive us to examine ourselves daily.  To daily ask the Spirit to reveal the truth about our hearts.  To daily confess, repent, and walk in the mercy that is new every morning.   It should also drive us to pray earnestly for all those representing the Body of Christ on the front lines of the spiritual battle. 

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